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Welcome to ... The Podcasting Place for Poetry, Politics, Presence (Consciousness), and more....

  • This is a web based "TV/Radio-like Station" offering a variety of  "web media channels (i.e., podcasts)"  about  "interesting and meaningful"  subjects.

Our current channel offerings are: 

  • RumiTime  -  Poetry reading podcasts about Rumi, KabirHafez (or Hafiz), and others (from {English} translations). Also, includes  discussions re the life of these mystical poets and the translators.
  • PolitOpine  -  Opinion and Conversation podcasts regarding current political, government issues in America, with particular emphasis on tracking the Obama Presidency.
  • JoyChats Monologue and Dialog podcasts re Consciousness, Self Discovery, Silence, Self Realization, or The Mystery.

Each channel 

  • presents both audio and/or video programs (i.e., multiple episodes on the channel's topic) on a regular basis.
  • is free  and can be "subscribed to," which means after subscribing you will automatically receive future updates.
  • content (i.e., episode) is "downloadable" for immediate or later (at your convenience) "consumption (i.e., play on your computer and/or media player like iPod or others)."
  • and each episode (from the very 1st one) is available always (a key difference from TV/Radio).

Our programs are "monologues and/or dialogues" regarding the particular topic of interest  vs.  "reporting of news (e.g., re politics)" or "providing formal literary education (e.g., re {Rumi} poetry)." 

  • Such views, stories, readings come from the "common person"  and/or  the "scholars, luminaries" in the particular arena.

The intention is to add more channels over time that will offer programs on other topics (several are already "in the works").