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Can the free market save Democracy?


This is the 2nd show in our series on President Obama's Health Care Reform. In the previous show we had summarized the facts re this reform and stated our intention of exploring it in further detail during our subsequent shows. 

Today's guest commentary, by Craig Barnes, provides an insightful and broad historical context for the health care debate, particularly some of the underpinnings of the current opposition.

Craig speaks regularly on Political Issues in Santa Fe and other parts of the country. He has authored several books and is a regular commentator on Nation Public Radio. Please visit the Guest Bios page for his full bio.

Normally, Craig will be reading his own commentaries, however, I am privileged to read this one on his behalf.


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What happened to us re health care?


What has happened to us as a society? We are willing to spend 100s of billions of dolllars invading other countries under false pretenses but are not willing to spend on our own society's well being? Rather questioning it. Why? Because of some slogans like "govt. takeover" or "death Panel" "Socialized medicine" etc. etc.

Why is it that meaningful debates about real and long standing issues for the society are trivialized down to  "simple sounds bites" only?

Why is it that the Rachel Maddows or Bill Mahers or Jon Stewarts  are the primary media personalities calling a spade a spade?

Why is an ex Vice Presidential candidate of a major party so willing to generate counter productive emotions purely based on falsehoods or some political agenda?

And the media is more than willing to be complicit just like they were during the false leadup to the Iraq invasion...  More than willing to air stories that pump up the hysteria by unduly focusing on the embarassing behavior of some common citizens during the recent town halls?

Instead why is it that the  facts re health reform so clearly outlined by the Obama Administration are not constantly pumped into the media airwaves ? 


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OuiCast Debut and The Oui Principle


Welcome to the premiere of!

This show is an audio introduction to OuiCast, which is a synopsis of what is provided on our Home and About Us pages.

So enjoy the shows on our channels and please do join in and help us build a community where we can regularly engage in interesting and meaningful topics. 



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