What happened to us re health care?


What has happened to us as a society? We are willing to spend 100s of billions of dolllars invading other countries under false pretenses but are not willing to spend on our own society's well being? Rather questioning it. Why? Because of some slogans like "govt. takeover" or "death Panel" "Socialized medicine" etc. etc.

Why is it that meaningful debates about real and long standing issues for the society are trivialized down to  "simple sounds bites" only?

Why is it that the Rachel Maddows or Bill Mahers or Jon Stewarts  are the primary media personalities calling a spade a spade?

Why is an ex Vice Presidential candidate of a major party so willing to generate counter productive emotions purely based on falsehoods or some political agenda?

And the media is more than willing to be complicit just like they were during the false leadup to the Iraq invasion...  More than willing to air stories that pump up the hysteria by unduly focusing on the embarassing behavior of some common citizens during the recent town halls?

Instead why is it that the  facts re health reform so clearly outlined by the Obama Administration are not constantly pumped into the media airwaves ? 


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Based on what I have reviewed - and I am not an expert;  merely a concerned and informed citizen voicing his opinion based on facts - it seems clear that the Obama Administration has put forth a well defined set of objectives and facts re health reform whereas the oposition is simply twisting facts and trivializing this so very important debate.

These are only some of the troubling  questions observations I ponder upon as we get closer to the reconvening of the senate/house. Are we going to be able to achieve this inportant and sorely needed reform or are we going to be overtaken  by the  trivialities that are funded to the tune of 1.4M$$ a day ?

I certainly hope that the Obama administration will succeed in passing the health reform with all the necessary provisions. Democrats have the votes both in the House and the Senate. Let's pass this reform.

At PolitOpine, we will be keeping close track of this very important health reform issue and will be podcasting several shows on this topic over the next few weeks.

We want to do our part in supporting President Obama pass this reform .... so let me start by summarizing some of the  clear facts.

I) Overall the Health insurance reform will protect people against unfair insurance practices; provide quality, affordable insurance to every American; and bring down rising costs for families and businesses.

II) More specifically,  the health insurance reform will ensure the following consumer protections...

  • No Discrimination for Pre-ExistingConditions 
  • No Exorbitant Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Deductibles or Co-Pays 
  • No Cost-Sharing for Preventive Care 
  • No Dropping of Coverage for Seriously Ill 
  • No Gender Discrimination 
  • No Annual or Lifetime Caps on Coverage 
  • Provision of Extended Coverage for Young Adults 
  • Guaranteed Insurance Renewal
 III) And here are facts that will clear up any confusion re the recent misleading information floating in the media waves....
  1. You Can Keep Your Own Insurance
  2. Reform Will Stop “Rationing” — Not Increase It
  3. Reform Will Benefit Small Business — Not Burden It 
  4. There are no "death panels" to decide "end of life care"
  5. Your Medicare is Safe, and Stronger with Reform
  6. Reform will eliminate insurance discrimination against the disabled
  7. Vets health care is safe and sound
  8. Native Americans will keep their current care
  9. There is no "putting off care for the disabled" for further study
  10. Congress did not vote to exempt themselves from reform
  11. We can indeed afford the reform, on thecontrary we can not afford the satus quo...
  12. Reform Won’t Add to the Deficit — it will bring down  long term costs

IV) And finally the claim that the Public Option will not benefit the people and that it is unfair to the private insurance carriers. I'm puzzled, since when is the free market not free or is conditionally free? Since when is the free market preventing another player from entering the market? The public option is just one more corporation entering the fray. Why are the private companies so afraid ?  Is it because their issues are going to be revealed? Regardless, if we are a free market then we are a free market. And a public option is just one more option for the consumers. Additional competition keeps providers honest and cuts down costs. The public option will simply be a contributor to the free market. Just because it is from the government does not mean that the private companies will not be able to compete .... let the consumers and the free market decide which of the options will be most liked and selected? 

I can't see any reason to oppose this reform whether I am a republican, democrat, or independent. Do you?

Each of the points mentioned above merit further discussion so we will touch upon each in more detail in subsequent shows wheter they are commentaries or conversations.

The above factual information is obtained directly from the WhiteHouse site established to provide clear and factual information re health reform. Please visit www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/

And let's have a real debate about real issues in the health care reform and let us pass a bill that provides quality and affordable health insurance for all americans.



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