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This is the next show in our ongoing series re President Obama's Health Care Reform.

In keeping with our objectives, we are continuing to bring forth some of the recent and pertinent facts re the health care reform debate, i.e., Vice President Biden debunks the latest myths and a health reform Quiz that helps you find out "What's in it for you?" based on your personal health insurance circumstances.

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 Complete transcript of the show.

Next week, President Obama will be giving a speech to a joint session of the Senate and the House to refocus the debate with real facts for this next stage. This is particularly important given the various unfortunate misunderstanding and confusion that has been created during this recess month of August.

According to one report, the opponents of the reform outspent the supporters by several milions. It is unfortunate that I have to even quote such information because in the current media obsessed environment it sadly seems to be all about media spending.

Truth is no longer relevant or important ... Hype seems to draw more attention and has more appeal ...One can dominate the media waves with twisted facts  and sadly the "opinion pendulum" starts to shift...The opinion polls start to shift ...

So I will do my part by repeatedly and consistently bringing facts to the table ...

As I have said in previous shows, White House is consistently providing facts and debunking the myths through their website Whitehouse.gov/realitycheck.

I invite each and every opponent, or supporter, to visit this site and you will see that the hype has no basis... that media and radio show hosts' false claims have no basis. The site allows people to form their own opinions instead of relying on the media pundits, biased or not.

The latest reality check factual video is from Vice President Biden. In this video, he debunks the myth that "the system is fine the way it is and that reform isn't important for the American people."

Another very useful addition in reality check is the Quiz "What's in it for you?" You can take a simple and fast quiz (13 clicks and maximum 1-2mins) using your own personal health insurance circumstances and see the direct benefits from this reform.

Here's a sample quiz: Quiz input and Quiz results.

This is one of the ways to inform yourself and then have a real debate... yes do listen to the pundits but get the facts yourself from the source.

I highly recommend that you do this 2-minute Quiz and you'll get all the clear facts yourself. And, by doing this you will not only do great service for yourself but also for America, because hopefully you will see not only the merit but the absolute necessity of passing such a reform.

Please contact your congress persons and ask them to pass this reform.


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