Our Times with Craig Barnes: Dr. Pamela Wible, MD


In this episode of Our Times, Craig is speaking with Dr. Pamela Wible, MD who pioneered the community-designed ideal medical practice. In her own words, it is health care of, by, and for the people.

Dr. Pamela Wible was depressed, disillusioned and ready to go back to waitressing, so discouraged was she about the assembly-line medicine that she had been practicing. She wanted relationship in her practice and the feeling of community service and freedom from the domination of money and health care politics. In this show she describes how she broke free, created a community practice and is happier than she has ever been.

This show series is offered courtesy of KSFR, Santa Fe's Public Radio Station (@101.1FM). Craig's show airs on KSFR every Sat at 9AM MST and is streamed live on www.KSFR.org. His full bio is available at our Guest Bios page.

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