Our Times with Craig Barnes: How Bad is it?


People are increasingly in "deep despair" about American Democracy in these bitterly partisan times and, naturally, certain disturbing questions arise: "How bad is it?" Has there ever been progress? Has it not always been like this?" As usual Craig, offers us his insightful observations on this very serious American plight and he makes the case of "Why Democracy is useful?" and "What to do?"

This show series is offered courtesy of KSFR, Santa Fe's Public Radio Station (@101.1FM). Craig's show airs on KSFR every Sat at 9AM MST and is streamed live on www.KSFR.org. His full bio is available at our Guest Bios page.

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Some quotes from the show:

"Republican Jim DeMint stating his intention is to make Obama fail..."
"Republicans stopping every initiative, even ones they supported in the past...

"Congress has lost its abiiity to legislate and is in a gridlock."
"Supreme Court has reaffirmed the gridlock by not allowing Congress to control its own elections or improve upon the process."

"Democracy is at the crossroads because {the government seems} unable to address great issue of our times such as: massive mal-distribution of wealth, joblessness, massive lack of educational performance, massive lack of attention to our very health, massive unfairnes in taxation, and massive damage to the ecosystem. ..."

"Simple solution of the Republicans {is to} trust  the invisible hand of the free market has proved laughable during the{last} 8 years of Bush administration. ..."

"Obama's solution to piece together partly free market and partly governmental intervention has also failed to take hold in the American Psyche ... so it is also not providing a fuel for change. ..."

we have this chance...

  • to do our broadsides
  • to make our own letters
  • to use our own printing presses
  • to use our access to radio and op-ed
  • to {use} twitter and facebook
  • to use all the means of modern technology today to rally again and again and again for the people, forever, for the common good and not just the good of the few. ..."

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