Health Care Reform: It Is The Law Now!


Today was a historic day... President Obama, signed the Health Care Reform (HCR) into Law today, March 23, 2010.

This eventful day came after a long and gruelling year of HCR debate, which was, unfortunately, full of irresponsible, misrepresentations by the Republicans - who are still not giving up and are ratcheting up the rhetoric and misinformation. The reconciliation bill is being debated in the Senate, as of the writing of this post, and is expected to conclude by the end of the week.

However, the American people have prevailed ... regardless of the polls or any misinformation in the media waves, HCR is now law. Hopefully, the media will, at least, start assisting the President by disseminating factual information about the reform from this point forward.

You can click here to find what is in the bill - an excellent summary provided by the White House, which includes a list of factual/informative resources. This resource list also includes a link to the actual text of the reconcilation bill passed in the house. This reconciliation bill's content is what was proposed by President Obama in February 2010 before the HCR Summit between Democrats and Republicans.


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