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Welcome to JoyChats ... With this episode #2, we continue our endless journey of  ... explorations in Consciousness, Silence, ... Self Discovery, ... The Mystery ...

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 As I reflected over this channel's launch I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of our thoughts re this series' conception and motivation through certain key questions, i.e., why this channel or topic? why now? and why us? I'm going to address these questions in the next few shows .... so let's start with "why this channel?"

Well ... because we are passionate about this subject. ... We acknowledge that no words can ever touch the fullness of the Mystery ... yet it is a fascinating exercise to express the inexpressible ... instead of conversing about other subjects that our society and culture indulges in ... why not this topic as well? ...  why not add this to our "mix" while we pursue all that is required as part of living on this planet.

Through this channel ... we want to engage others, who are similarly inclined.... to share their journey, their reflections their questions and answers.... and hopefully that will continue to deepen the endless learning and the infusion of the Mystery in all our lives. The intention is to bring such wisdom into the "here and now" of our journey ... to make it available to anyone wherever you are. ... so that one's spiritual journey is not limited to .... somewhere "out there" on a mountaintop  ... or in some monastery or an ashram  ... or in spiritual or self help conferences, available only to a select few who can afford it. ...  I want to be clear ... I'm not putting down any/all of these other methods ...  instead we simply want to offer an additional alternative avenue that is free. ... where no one individual is the "guru" or the "anointed one" but each of us is invited and encouraged to discover their own "guru" within.

For us such dialogs are a means to deepen our realizations ... and continuously freshen the identification with our true and real nature ... without denying the frailties we have. ... Incidentally, we hold the view that such frailties are simply an undeniable part of human experience and no one escapes these ... this is why we remain more interested in the message vs. the messenger ... and we'll be touching on this topic in future.

So now on to answering the question I raised in the last show...

In the last show I shared, from my own direct experience and investigation, my conclusion that our thoughts, our physicality, and our emotions are all transient and yet while all these are ever changing there is something that is not? .. what is that? My answer is   awareness. And, as i said in the last show .... this answer is incredibly simple ... so simple that it can be, and generally is, trivialized or overlooked all-together ...

You might say huh??  naah this can't be the answer .... this sounds too simple or too good to be true etc etc etc ...

Let's explore awareness just a little bit ... we are of course aware of our thoughts and aware of the fact that these thoughts are changing .... we are aware of our emotions and that these are changing ... we are aware of our physicality and aware that it is changing .. so the focus tends to be on the results, or the by products, of awareness vs awareness itself .... and on top of it we identify with our thoughts, emotions, and physicality ... Of course, there is nothing wrong with our thoughts, emotions, physicality .... they are a natural part of our human existence ... but unfortunately, it is the misplaced identification and focus that causes this subtle yet profound recognition to be easily missed. In one brief moment of pause ... with quiet consideration such a subtle difference is revealed. And of course, with further deliberation this realization is not only deepened but what is also revealed is that ... Not only is awareness permanent but it is also our true nature.

Again, I suggest your own further consideration on this answer and see where it leads you .. as I said in the last show it is something that has to be explored and realized by each of us directly!

In my own case, on the surface that incident in the 90s seemed nothing special or extraordinary ... i didn't even mention it to anyone at the time ... yet it brought a profound pause for me ...  I just kind of "stored it away" ... the moment was "etched" in my being but its fullness and impact gradually deepened over time ... particularly several years later, in the midst of an extended period of silence and solitude. And of course the impact continues to this day and will do so for the rest of my life in this form.

Lot more can be said about this question and the answer ... as it can be explored from many many angles and view points. but we'll leave it here for now and pick it up again as and when appropriate.

The next questions that I'd like to explore are What is the Seeker's Syndrome? and  Is practice really essential for realizing one's true nature?

What are your thoughts on this question? My answers, and more, in the next show.



You r bang on, Awareness is permanent so this is THIS! now let us take Lord Budha teachings where he embhasizes on importance of being aware on each & every moment, each karma, each thoughts. Hence if u r focussed on Awareness & never leaving it, then you r established in SELF!!

Please see today's show for my remarks.

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