Sanjiv: Joy Chats Debut, Permanence and Transience


Welcome to Joy Chats ... our latest channel offering!  JoyChats  as the name implies are Conversations in Joy and about Joy ... so this podcast series is about reflections, questions, answers, and conversations about the source of the inherent joy within each of us.

This is the joy that is felt and easily acknowledged in the  midst of our most ecstatic, rapturous, and delightful moments. This is the unacknowledged joy that is also present in the midst of our deepest challenges or grief.

This is the joy that is ever present effortlessly! ... without any reason. ... whether we are aware of it or not... whether we acknowledge it or not .... whether we feel it or not!

This is the joy whose source I refer to as The Mystery, ...  The Universe, ...  The Unknown,  ...  The Silence, ...  Consciousness, ...  Freedom!

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Our intention, on this channel, is to explore any and all aspects of this source ... this vast and fascinating topic .... primarily through an expression of direct experience, i.e., our own and yours. ... We want to have a discourse that is  based on ones own unique journey ... where no one individual is the "special one" or the "anointed one" or the "guru" or "whatever label" etc etc ... There is no right or wrong here ... only perspectives. We are here to simply exchange and explore ...

Needless to say, we, as the channel producers, will initiate the conversation through our perspective, our experiences, our insights, our questions, our answers, however, by no means that implies any "authority" ... nor some "preaching" ... all we hope and desire is to start the "ball rolling" and then have a spirited exchange.  

Again, direct experience is invited vs expressing what one has learned through intellectual study though if that is ones disposition then that's OK too but we prefer direct experience so that the exploration is fresh and alive and is not bogged down by debates of what has been written and its various interpretations ... by various certified authorities ... and whether we are adhering to one interpretation vs another ... etc etc etc. ... This is not a dry and serious study in Spirituality nor is it meant to dishonor or trivialize any systems or traditions ... this is the endless, ever evolving game of Self Discovery.

As a Sufi saying goes " ....there are as many paths to God as there are souls on the planet.... " ... Our exploration is grounded in this principle. ... we honor such a principle with an open heart and invite all who are interested in participating and weaving a "web of direct fresh alive exploration of   .... That who we all arise from ... That who we are  ... The Mystery!"

It seems fitting that I share the story about our name JoyChats .... Last year in Oct we decided to take a much needed vacation after 2 years without a break. Thanks to our neighbor, we were able to spend some time @a cabin deep in the San Juan Forest in Southern Colorado .... some 20 miles in .... on a forest road. It is one of our favorite wilderness respites .... we had often camped in this forest during our extended retreats. The tranquility of this beautiful wilderness area. ... full of Aspens that displayed, with utter simplicity, the essence of Zen ... as the sunlight danced on their branches ... what a marvelous visual of hundreds of meditating monks deep in their stillness!

Upon our return back to Santa Fe .... I found a short delightful email that had arrived via the Contact Us mechanism of this site. It was a long lost dear friend from high school in India that I had not seen in over 31 years and with whom my last contact was in the form of letters in 1979! He had somehow tracked me down, using the modern technology wonders of the Internet. His name translates to Joy in English. Two days later we were talking on the phone and it was as if no time had passed. 3 decades just melted away as we played catch up ...  and the 1st conversation lasted several hours. As it turns out we started talking every Sunday and each of these sessions lasted several hours as well ... and these conversations naturally started including my dear Beloved wife. ... Such dialogs were, of course, regarding "topics" that make our hearts sing ... topics that had to do with The Mystery ... The Universe ... The Silence ... Consciousness ... all within the context of our own lives ... our own direct experiences! What a true delight.  Not surprisingly Rumi was, and still is, an integral part of our ongoing conversations. ... I couldn't help but be reminded of the Sufi term "Sohbet."

My wife and I started calling these sessions "Joy Chats!"

Naturally as we pondered on the name of this channel ... with its stated content objective ... there were all kinds of wondrous possibilities ... but we simply arrived at JoyChats ... both for its eminently applicable and essential meaning but also in celebration of our joyous re-union with a dear family member .. a fellow explorer ...

Incidentally, this channel had been conceived and well in the making before dear friend&brother Joy's arrival in our lives however we had not chosen a name and a launch date. ... And here we are ...!

Finally, before I move on to today's show I want to underscore that we may be engaging individuals of varying depth and celebrity, on this channel, however, we are always more interested in the message vs. the messenger. Of course, the messenger is honored too. More on this in our future shows ...

In my own journey of self exploration one question invariably emerged in some form or another ...  What is permanence and what is transience?

In the 90s I used to commute between Melbourne, Australia and Seattle, WA ... and my times in Seattle used to be more of a quiet reflective nature .... and during one of these reflective periods, I happened to zero in on my life when I was 14 (which was a potent and deeply trans-formative year)... and while bridging the 14 with my late 30s ... in that simple yet powerful, profound moment,  ...  I realized that, over the years (or any unit of "time" like days, weeks, months), my thoughts have continued to change and evolve so they are and must be inherently transient or not permanent... my physicality continues to change so it also is and must be transient .... my emotions continue to evolve and change ... i.e., what i felt @10 is quite different from what i felt @20 or @30 and so on, so my emotions are also transient.... 

And yet there was an inescapable and undeniable realization that something is and was not changing.... something that is inherently permanent regardless of my observations ... so what is that? The answer is incredibly simple ..... so simple that it can be, and generally is, trivialized or overlooked all-together. And yet it is profound with unimaginable and possibly radical implications .... implications that are, for me endless, and are still deepening almost 15 years later!

The answer, of course, has to be explored and realized by each of us directly!

What are your thoughts on this question? My answer, and more, in the next show.



Only Paramatma, Atma, Soul, Brahm, Akshar,Shabd, Aa (as prononced in Hindi language),God, Allah or whatsoever you may designate is permanent, rest is transient, an illusion, like a movie go by. This permanence resides in all impermanence, a paradox!! How so ever long phraseology we use, conclusion is so simple!! Now how to permanently experience this permanence in our transience is one big question!!

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Please see today's show for my remarks.

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