Sanjiv: The Seeker Syndrome


With this episode #3, we continue our journey of  ... explorations in Consciousness, ... Silence, ... Self Discovery, ... The Mystery ...

In the last show, I had raised few questions that had to do with the genesis of this channel so let's delve into "Why now and Why us?"

Well ... a quick answer is Why Not?

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On a more serious note ...  because currently there is an increased interest in such explorations ...  and despite my subjective view that there is a lot of fluff "out there" the silver lining is that  more and more people are  exploring ... and fluff or not it is still a pathway to Self Discovery. Of course, such explorations have happened in all ages ... but what is perhaps unique to our times is the magnitude of this number. Particularly its growing trend. ... Naturally we want to support and foster this journey.

This channel concept has been "brewing" within us for quite some time so its time to "serve it up."

Finally, we are most passionate about this exploration ... it is an ever present inner urge within us.  And the new media on the web makes it possible for us to explore it with you, which makes our hearts sing.

So let's move on to the main topic of this episode ...What is the seeker syndrome? Please take note that I speak of this syndrome in the context of spiritual seekers ...

Simply put the seeker syndrome is:

The seeker becomes identified with the act of the seeking itself vs the result of seeking  .... and as the seeker explores this vast and fascinating subject  ... the fascination easily leads to investigating tradition after tradition .... which in turn further cements the search .... and all of this is not necessarily conscious on the part of the seeker ... it just sort of happens ... whether the seeker intends it or not ...

The exploration is typically intellectual or experiential or both ... and such seeking typically extends into years.

By intellectual I mean study of the traditions to varying degrees .... and various consciousness related subjects, e.g., perennial philosophy, psychology, mythology, indigenous culture studies, etc ...

By experiential I mean direct experience or actual participation in the subject at hand, e.g., undertaking practice in a particular tradition, encountering various teachers or gurus of eastern or western traditions .... with such encounters ranging from "light" to deep immersion, ... and going to various self help workshops, conferences, traveling to various sacred places etc etc ...

There are always some exceptions but generally speaking this characterization applies. ...

Thus begins a fascinating journey that may range from absolutely exhilarating to utterly terrifying! .... I simply can not help but think of the phrase "so long ... sucker!"

Of course, without hesitation I can say that I was myself caught up in certain aspects of this syndrome for about 10 years, from '87 to '97  ... and for that I am and will remain eternally grateful. Note that I used the past tense so I no longer consider myself caught in this syndrome ... which is an interesting assertion on my part ... No doubt, we will touch on this assertion in future shows.

I'll close my remarks on the seeker syndrome with this observation: The seeker caught in the syndrome overlooks the fact that he or she is already That which they seek.

As usual and typical of such topics ... this is only "... the tip of the iceberg ..." we'll probably explore this from many angles and perspectives in future.

So my next question:  Is spiritual practice really essential for realizing one's true nature?

What are your thoughts on this question? My answers, and more, in the next show.



More population so more nmbrs, more turbulances hence more seekers. Act of seeking will only result into end realization/product. All traditions point finger 2 same THING. Don't look at finger, focus on end result. You are THAT what u r seeking, true, but seeker seeks the ways 2 establish himself in THAT so that he constantly realizes that he is THAT. Process of seeking may or may not b long depending upon various factors like past Karmas, Sanskars, HIS will etc......

Please see today's show for my remarks.

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