How to Resolve The Seeker's Dilemma Part 2


With this episode #7, we continue our journey of  ... explorations in Consciousness, ... Silence, ... Self Realization, ... Self Discovery, ... The Mystery ...

This episode is part 2 of "How to resolve the Seeker's Dilemma?".

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In the end, Self Discovery or Self Realization, is really a game ... it is the simplest of games yet it is the most challenging of games ...the challenge lies in accepting the simplicity that truly no doing or understanding is required to resolve this issue.

... just hearing & absorbing these words ... the mind goes on a tilt and rejects this notion ... The issue is not learning anything or attaining anything or achieving anything .. if anything the real issue is to unlearn ... and the irony ... and also that's where the game is ... the irony  is that the seeker continues to learn more and more ... now of course learning certainly has its place but in this context the more you learn the more you have to - in effect - UN-learn ... because again .. and I am going to sound like a broken record:  nothing needs to be learned ... nothing needs to be attained ... nothing needs to achieved ...

As i said in the last episode ... I was going to address dear Chappu Dada's comments .... so here's an excerpt of his comment on episode #5:

... But why make all intellectual & spiritual efforts if everyone is already realized. Then question also arises what it means by realization & what it means by being established in Self. Is it so simple or is it so complicated or what. What we are trying to achieve. Is dissolution of mind so a simple process that we can tame such strong energy. What you are driving at. One can have endless intellectual discourses & arrive at nothing. Pl.tell the way to IT in most simple way. ...

For today's episode I am probably not going to be able to satisfy dear Chappu Dada  because I am going to again repeat the crucial and key theme from the last episode ... i.e., put aside all of these new questions  and then go even one step further i.e., .... stop asking any Questions  ....  explore silence and see where that leads you.

The natural tendency in anyone is to engage in Questions and Answers  whenever a topic is explored... and its a good tendency and is useful in certain contexts but in this context the Q&A can easily keep one trapped in analysis .. because every
question will lead to something the mind can grab and analyse further and thus ask more questions ... And very rapidly, something that is inherently simple is turned into something unduly complex! And then that complexity is debated and debated ... Q&A is useful and engaging ....  but in the end it will keep one in an endless loop ... regardless of the Q&A one is going to indeed arrive at nothing because in the end there is nothing to be arrived at because one is already .. where .. one is ..... seeking to get to ... and this why the suggestion of silence .... because it is the most direct route to the desired answer ... it allows one to directly experience what is here without any mental story about the "hereness!"  ....

Again, this is one of the reasons why I try to cut this cycle of Q&A and which is why, in episode #5, I suggested to temporarily set aside the question of "HOW TO ..." as a matter of fact I'll stretch even more ... I suggest anytime there is a tendency to ask a question I would encourage putting aside the question .... Drop all questions and see what is here ... because That which is here ...  was and is indeed here before any question was conceived!

And if you really want to still ask questions then ask only one question i.e., "who am I" and resist the temptation to further analyse or dissect this question with or through someone else. This profound question will help dissolve ALL
questions ... and its a question that can only be asked of oneself ... and that's why I say if one is indeed stuck with questions then ask only one question ... and there is a historical evidence of the value of this question because Nisargadatta Maharaj's personal journey shows that he embraced this question with utmost sincerity and resolve .... and lo & behold .. his seeking ended! ... So if you explore Nisargadatta Maharaj's teachings he will always bring you back to this key and fundamental question!

Of course my suggestions, examples, and the points that ... are there to very deliberately take one away from analysis .... Obtaining answers from any source including realized beings can only satisfy the mind .. it doesn't really get one anywhere .. because in the end the exploration has to be done by oneself.

The various
questions in the excerpt can certainly be undertaken but that process is going to require perseverance as each answer will lead to the next question so one must be perseverant enough to keep going to come to some conclusion either the conclusion will be that Q&A is pointless or the Q&A will provide some "aha" ... an aha that will unequivocally bring a clear conclusion that no Q&A is really necessary ...

I'm reminded of a story re
Ramana Maharishi and another Indian Sage UG Krishnamurti  ... UG went to Ramana Maharishi and asked .... "this thing called moksha, can you give it to me?" moksha means freedom, liberation  from suffering, another word for self realization (in my book) .... apparently Ramana answered "I can give it but can you take it?" ... and as UG himself recounts .. this answer put him "back on track" and radically changed his spiritual journey .... UG thought the answer was quite arrogant but he fortunately saw the profound truth in it.  ... and as the story goes UG never again sought any counsel from "those religious people." .... Of course, this is the paraphrased version of the story and note that UG should not be confused with J Krishnamurti... Also, I believe the actual story can be found in Ramana's wiki page.  Ramana's answer is certainly intriguing and we will explore it further in a future episode.

Finally, trying to solve a problem using a tool or a mechanism that is fundamentally  inappropriate  is also going to keep one in an endless loop ... and that is true of a Q&A or understanding based approach to realization .... this is one of the reasons why the seeker syndrome is a real phenomenon and is part of the so-called cosmic game or leela (or lila) .... one almost has to  be tricked out of it... and that's why the Q "who am I'  is indeed a question that can trick you out of it .... or through whatever grace if you can truly hear and fully comprehend this suggestion of STOPping the Q&A ... then the possibility of realizing the gem is there ... the gem that is paradoxically already  available to you  ... 

Inevitably the seeker will discover that   one IS going to arrive at nothing ... because there is nothing to be arrived at .... and there is nothing to understand ... there is nothing to achieve .... there is nothing to attain!

We will continue exploring this topic of "How to Resolve the seeker's dilemma?" in the next episode.

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