How To Be In The World?


With this episode #10, we continue our journey of  ... explorations in Consciousness, ... Silence, ... Self Realization, ... Self Discovery, ... The Mystery ...

We've talked about Permanence, Transience, Awareness, Seeking, Seeker's syndrome, Silence, and Self-Inquiry. Of course, a follow on question that may arise is ... how do we live our life in this world ? how do we navigate the multitude of matters that are a natural part of our human experience? ... matters that range from joyful to sorrowful and all that's in-between.

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As I've done before I'd like to explore this topic by sharing some observations stemming from our own life experiences. Observations that are meant to generate and hopefully inspire your own reflections so you can arrive at answers or conclusions that are uniquely yours ... because such answers are the only ones that abide ... and deepen with each deliberation.

As I dealt with this question in my own journey I realized that there really is no set answer ... there is no formula. ... of course, not only was this recognition a great relief but it was also an obvious conclusion because no formula can encapsulate a life ... a life that is lived fully .. a life lived in utter surrender to the Mystery ... to the Divine.

The only guide or formula that I could discern or "arrive at" was to listen to the "inner voice within" and of course such a listening required me to pause and be silent so this voice could be heard. The key seems to be ... to pause and listen regularly! ... so much so that it is just like breathing and is effortless and happens regardless of the external circumstances. ... just like some people have coffee every morning so it can be with pausing, silence, and listening every morning!

Before we found each other, both my dear Beloved Wife and I, used to have our individual daily morning "listenings" ... and now for the last 12 years ... together .. we continue to benefit from the wondrous and joyous gift of such "listenings" on a daily basis. And this listening takes many different and evolving forms such as consulting of the I Ching or Self Inquiry in dialog with each other, etc. And these are just the forms we are drawn to ... each person will find their own preferences ... and that is what we encourage. Such guides are simple and powerful reminders of proper principles that can be applied in every day life.

I can share many stories from our lives where our regular listening helped us celebrate and deepen the gifts of joyous moments ... and also stories that allowed peace to be recognized in the midst of immense challenges and life changes.

Of course, each person has to discover their own form of relationship with their "inner voice" ... and then nurture it with ongoing participation because it is a relationship that is "alive and ever evolving."

Incidentally, it was no surprise to discover that the teachers, that I pay attention to, also do not provide any formula because there is none to give.  ... Who is to say what is the "right life" for someone? For some it is a life of action and for some it is a life of contemplation. I was always struck by something
Gangaji said {paraphrased}  "... Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa led a life of action whereas Buddha, Ramana, and St. Theresa led a life of contemplation ... " Each was drawn and driven by their deep "inner voices" ... Both these very different ways of life - i.e.,  action vs contemplation - were discovered in the utter surrender to the Mystery. ... to the intention to serve.

The question "how" tends to obscure what can be discovered through the "inner voice" ... through the resolve to live the Truth. First realize the Truth of who you are and then allow the "how" to reveal itself!

The Indian mystic poet
Kabir used to say {paraphrased} "I experienced reality for 15 seconds and the rest of my life is spent serving it." These are profound words that invite the deepest form of surrender ... these are words that allude to a map that must be discovered and then followed, by each person.

One of our favorite paraphrased principles from the I Ching is "Suspend the mistrust of the unknown and embody the Sage" - very simple words that contain unending meanings and applications! And that is the exhilarating challenge of living this life utterly surrendered to The Mystery.

Gangaji's quotes come from "the Diamond in your Pocket, discovering your true radiance, by Gangaji."

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