In Celebration of Dear Mausaji


This RumiTime show is in honor and celebration of the life of my dear loving Mausaji (Uncle), who passed earlier this week after living a wonderful and joyous 88 years. He lives on in us and is closer than ever. He will rest in our hearts forever.

Both of Today's Rumi poems  are my own adaptation of the original poems "Your Triumphant Song" and "Gone to the Unseen," which were taken from "Rumi, In the Arms of The Beloved, Translations by Jonathan Star." I took the liberty of modifying these very pertinent Rumi poems to capture the full spirit of my intention and my "voice within."

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Regrettably, my life circumstances did not provide many opportunities to spend extended time with him but whenever I was fortunate enough to do so he always left an enduring and inspirational impact …. along with the bonus of some very fond memories. He was always a loving and an uplifting presence … and had a marvelous sense of humor.

He remains as one of my wisest mentors re life … we did not explicitly dialog about such matters but his life was the real message for me.

Here's one of his gems of wisdom:

"... whenever we have differences with people, we should try to saturate them with love and affection, which invariably results in peace and happiness of all concerned …

Both he (and my dearest Mausi) certainly infused such love in their children, my cousins: Madhu, Geeta, and Yashveer.

My dear Beloved wife continues to be profoundly touched by Mausaji and Mausi's presence in our lives. We have drawn upon their love and wisdom throughout our years together. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to look into their eyes through the recent gift of video calling.

For us, the passing of the physical form is the " … drop of consciousness dissolving back into the ocean of consciousness…" … Rumi considers it the "wedding day with the Beloved." … so despite the natural grief … it is also a day of celebration.

Incidentally, in his last few weeks, Mausaji had expressed a deep and very conscious yearning for " Nirvana " … for " release from this body."  He had lived a full and wondrous life and was consciously ready. What a magnificent example of a life lived!

So we celebrate dearest Mausaji's life and his passing through these Rumi poems that have been in our awareness during these last few days. This is our offering for his "shanti havan."

Mausaji lives on in us and is closer than ever. He will rest in our hearts forever!

Mausaji is the hindi term for uncle … the husband of your mother's sister … and Mausi, of course, is the hindi term for aunt.


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