Rumi: Inner Sunrise


All Rumi poems have a draw for me ... of course, some more than others. As I said in the last show .... I allow my hands to lead me to the poem of the day so today's random landing is this gem titled "Inner Sunrise" ... As those familiar with Rumi know that .. all of his poetry is the expression of his love with The Divine ... exquisite  ... and offers incredible gems of wisdom so .. here is .... Inner Sunrise.

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Today's Rumi poem is fromRumi, In the Arms of The Beloved, Translations by Jonathan Star.

Here's the definition of Saaqi as provided by Jonathan Star: Saaqi means Cubearer. Barmaid; woman in a tavern who goes from table to table pouring wine. She represents divine grace and a form of the Beloved who intoxicates the soul by pouring the wine of love. The image comes from the Koran, which describes God as "He who gives to drink."

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