Rumi: The Shepherd's Care


Today's Rumi poem "The Shepherd's Care" is from "Rumi, In the Arms of The Beloved, Translations by Jonathan Star."

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Some of the listeners may recognize today's poem in a different translation titled as "A Community of The Spirits" which is by Coleman Barks from his book "The Essential Rumi."

My own closing of the poem would be " .... Live in Silence ... And listen to Eternity ..."

Rumi uses the word "Beloved" to refer to the Divine.  And the definition of Saaqi as provided by Jonathan Star: Saaqi means Cubearer. Barmaid; woman in a tavern who goes from table to table pouring wine. She represents divine grace and a form of the Beloved who intoxicates the soul by pouring the wine of love. The image comes from the Koran, which describes God as "He who gives to drink."

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