Nirmala: Gift with No Giver


Today's poetry is these pearls of wisdom from Gifts with No Giver, a love affair with truth, Poems by Nirmala.

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And here's the text of the poem:

a lasting marriage
when devotion has claimed you for its own
no longer any chance to stray
a brief fling with illusion no longer satisfies
the truth demands utter fidelity
with no possibility of divorce

all pain must be faced
and embraced as the true countenance of
     your beloved

all fear must be met
and recognized as the thrill of tasting
    the unknowable

all joy must be surrendered
and acknowledged as a gift with
    no giver

this union only requires telling the truth
even when the truth shatters your dreams
even when the truth leaves you emptied out
even when the truth reveals your conterfeit existence
then there is no other possibility
    than happily ever after

You can download this entire book for free from Nirmala's website: Nirmala also offers several of his other books for free download from his website.

In 2002, after an extended stay deep in the forests of OR, we were spending some time with our dear friends, The Johnsons,  in Bellevue, WA ... and had the good fortune to meet Nirmala, who was holding his Satsang at their place. We all shared a meal together and Nirmala graciously and generously gave us a copy of this marvelous book of his poems, which we have treasured ever since.

Nirmala’s energy, gentleness, and humility left an impact on us that endures ... to this day ... I am indeed honored and privileged to be sharing his gifts with you on
RumiTime and I’ll be saying more about him on our other channel JoyChats, which is re explorations in Consciousness, Self Discovery, Silence, The Mystery.

Here is an excerpt about Nirmala from his site:

After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam , a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) . She convinced Nirmala that seeking was not necessary; and after experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he began offering satsang and Nondual Spiritual Mentoring with Neelam's blessing. This tradition of spiritual wisdom has been most profoundly disseminated by Ramana Maharshi , a revered Indian saint, who was Papaji's teacher. Nirmala's perspectivewas also profoundly expanded by his friend and teacher Adyashanti.

Adyashanti is a spiritual teacher, in the tradition of Zen and Advaita, and is an author of numerous books including Emptiness Dancing. Here is what he has to say about Nirmala:

What is appealing about Nirmala is his humility and lack of pretense, which welcomes whatever arises within the field of experience. In the midst of this welcoming is always an invitation to inquire deeply within, to the core of who and what you are. Again and again, Nirmala points the questions back to the questioner and beyond to the very source of existence itself-to the faceless awareness that holds both the question and the questioner in a timeless embrace."


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