Knocking from the Inside.


Rumi was consumed with his Friendship with Shams ... with the Sohbet ... the ecstatic joy of Friendship ... the intense burning passion of the Love of Divine ...

It is said that
some of Rumi’s disciples and one of his son's were behind the final disappearance of Shams ... that they lured him out in the night and killed him ... apparently this was out of jealousy because their dear teacher Rumi was so absorbed with Shams ...

And a we know
Rumi was bereft ... utterly inconsolable with grief ... when Shams was gone ... lost ... never to return ... so he searched everywhere and finally realized that he need not search ... because he was the Friendship ... he was already That which he was seeking!

Rumi’s story captures the seeker’s dilemma so exquisitely ... and of course his poems express this again and again and again ...

So here’s one for the seekers ...

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Friendship here refers to the Divine .. and Sohbet roughly translates to spiritual conversation or a conversation with shades of fellowship and discipleship.

This Rumi gem is from "A Garden Beyond Paradise, The Mystical Poetry of Rumi, Translated by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva."

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