Nirmala: The Mysteries


The paradoxical Mystery of That which is Always here ... what a puzzling lack of accepting the inescapable here and now ... this simple moment holds the key yet is seemingly so elusive that we have eons of searching.

And yet in the simple and absolute accepting of this moment what a gift is revealed. So here is poem by Nirmala on the Mystery ...

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Here's the text of the original poem:

the mystery

of this simple moment

can not be spoken

yet all of history

occurred to arrive here

the mystery

of the endless terrain of self

can not be mapped out

countless new frontiers

are born with every breath

the mystery

of awakening

can not be achieved

all that is needed

is to notice inner eyes that never close

the mystery

of sweet undying love

can not be understood

the heart already knows

what the mind can only long for

the mysteries

always remain

untouched by worried thought

ready to welcome us home

when we abandon our dreams


Nirmala's simple yet exquisitely profound words indeed welcome us home! As usual, the emphases and repetitions are my literary liberties.


This poem is from Gifts with No Giver, a love affair with truth, Poems by Nirmala. This book is available for free download from Nirmala's website: Nirmala also offers several of his other books for free download from his website.


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