Spiritual Nourishment, I Ching, & Our True Nature


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Spiritual nourishment seems to be a fundamental human need.  It doesn't matter where this nourishment comes from ... what form it takes ...  it is provided for by every culture or mythology ... for example, the Chinese Oracle, I Ching, talks about two such wells of nourishment: an external well like the
I Ching and an internal well which "must be our own good character."

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I Ching, is an invaluable and impeccable ... external source of wisdom and advice. It serves this purpose .. eminently ... and has done so for thousands of years. Of course, I Ching has most certainly served as a wise counsel for us over the years. We use it on a regular basis to remind us of the "proper principles." One can develop a deeply meaningful and highly personal relationship with this Oracle if it is followed and used sincerely and honestly. This task may be easy for some and difficult for others but it is certainly doable.

The issue of "our own good character" is potentially more challenging, maybe even elusive, ... and is possibly full of adventure. Why ? because first we must  know ourselves before we can assess if our character is good ... and, of course, that brings us home to the fundamental question of Self Discovery. This exercise is not intended to be mental even though one may use the intellect to absorb pertinent information for further consideration ... but the key seems to lie in the solo, silent exploration ... which is indeed subtle but it must be undertaken with sincerity and tenacity.

So here are some remarks for further consideration:

Our true nature is permanence.

Explore this statement on your own. Find out what is not changing in your life.

Are your emotions remaining unchanged?
Are your thoughts remaining unchanged?
Is your body unchanging?

It is being claimed here that something is unchanging ... what is that? Discard any answer that cannot sustain changelessness and see what remains.

Ramana often used to respond to certain questions with silence. Apparently, once such a silent response was explicitly questioned and his subsequent verbal response was "Mowna is Ishvara Svarupa" which means "Silence is the face of God." or it can mean "Silence reveals God."

Once we truly discover ourselves then knowing and following our own good character is not only easy but it offers an endless adventure in every circumstance and every encounter, solo or otherwise.

The more we trust and tap into the "voice within" the more it is available ...  ... That which is always here is Always here ... How can it not?

The I Ching remarks are paraphrased and derived from "The I Ching or Book of Changes, by Brian Browne Walker" and come from the hexagram named "Ching or The Well."

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