Nirmala: It is Here


In my journey I’ve discovered that the simple truth of “here and now” has been made into a cliche’ ... unfortunately that just seems to be the nature of things.

The reality is that the simple act of sinking or resting into the “here and now” allows a shining of the light on the Mystery ... A glimpse maybe ? ...

Its no wonder that my eye landed on
Nirmala’s poem that reminds one that  indeed “It is here ...”

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Here’s the original text for the poem:

it is here

in the breath

it is here

in the stillness between breaths

it is here

in the active mind

it is here

in the resting mind

it is here

in the dream’s panorama

it is here

in each moment of awakening

it is here

when all is well

it is here

when fear has nothing left to fear

even then

there is pure noticing

even then

there is no need for doing

no frantic searching

can find the obvious

no seeking needed

to find that which seeks

it is here

where it can never be lost

or found

This poem is from Gifts with No Giver, a love affair with truth, Poems by Nirmala. This book is available for free download from Nirmala's website: Nirmala also offers several of his other books for free download from his website.


And, as usual, the emphases and the repetitions are mine. Also I would add this stanza

It is here when all is well ...

It is here when all is not well ...

It is here in sorrow ... it is here in joy ...

It is here when fear has nothing left to fear ...


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