Nirmala: Memory and This Simple Moment


This week's RumiTime gem is a poem by Nirmala.

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Here’s the original text for the poem:

endless traces of memory

fill in empty moments

stealing my peace

and robbing my happiness

they can not take the real treasure

beyond peace and happiness

behind every memory

is simple awareness

of this ordinary moment

a body breathing

a mind making comparisons

and yet something more

is always present

this simple moment

a body still breathing

mind still chasing dreams

what is the something more

that fills the ordinary with magic?

the full recognition

of what was always longed for

in the heart


This poem is from Gifts with No Giver, a love affair with truth, Poems by Nirmala. This book is available for free download from Nirmala's website: Nirmala also offers several of his other books for free download.

As usual, the emphases and the repetitions in the poem reading are my literary liberties.

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