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Jerome Bernstein, Jungian psychoanalyst, considers the Biblical and historical origins and the deep roots in story that produces the chaos we are in today.  The interplay between justice and equity or moral and ethics leads to a discussion of wisdom and what might be our innate human nature.

This dialog aired on KSFR on May 14, 2011.

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This show series is offered courtesy of KSFR, Santa Fe's Public Radio Station (@101.1FM). Craig's show airs on KSFR every Sat at 9AM MST and is streamed live on www.KSFR.org. His full bio is available at our Guest Bios page.


We Are People Here !


Following is a transcript of Craig Barnes' opening remarks at the General Meeting of Democracy At The Crossroads in Santa Fe, NM on June 22, 2011.


Welcome.  Welcome to you all.  Thank you for coming.



If the great corporate meat grinder has taken away your job, your home, your insurance or your vote, has ripped away from you your faith in democracy or drowned you with mind numbing aphorisms about the free market and insulted your intelligence, you are one of us.  We are all people here, and we are rising up to claim back our democratic story, our dignity, our right to work, our right to our homes, our ranches and our farms, our water and our air, and a government by the people.  These things are the birthright of every American, written indelibly on our foreheads, indivisible and inalienable.  Our right to jobs, homes and health are not for sale to China; they are not for sale to Saudi Arabia; they are not for sale to Canada, Burundi  or British Petroleum; they are a part of the American intellectual commons and belong to natural born, living persons and their grandchildren, for all time.



We are people here.  Our children are not subsidiaries; our labor is not a statistic, our future is not for sale on the great corporate commodities market.



If you are a person too, welcome; you are one of us.