About Us

The genesis of our name OuiCast stems from combining two simple but powerful core principles (we call it the "Oui principle"):

  • Saying "Yes" to Life, and
  • Knowing that we can always accomplish more when we collaborate 

Coincidentally, one French word --  "Oui"  --  "encapsulates (sort of)" both "Yes" and "We." "Oui"  comes from the French language and means "Yes." When pronounced "Oui" sounds like "We." Our personal interests and passion lie in spreading, promoting, and supporting these principles far and wide (i.e., to "cast" the net as wide as possible) ... hence the creation of ...  OuiCast.com!

We offer multiple {web} channels - each covering a compelling and engaging topic - grounded in one or both of these core principles. We launched with two topics: Politics and {Rumi's} Poetry. These channels provide readings, analysis, opinions, and dialogs regarding these topics.

Our latest addition and our third topic: The Mystery or Consciousness, Self Discovery, Silence.

OuiCast is a subsidiary of TheNewMediaGuys.com (TNMG).

A peek into our history ...

One of our long standing interests has been to foster engaging dialog re meaningful topics about life through media. The web's "New Media" technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to not only initiate such a dialog (via podcasting) but also provides powerful tools to cultivate, sustain, and evolve such a "conversation (via social media networks)."

We were introduced to "New Media on the web" in late 2006 and we actively embraced it in early 2007 to such a degree that our previous enterprise, PodVenturesMedia (PVM), was created in June 2007. 
PVM (legal registered parent: TNMG) helped create and sustain the design, development, and production of programs, for multiple clients, in the arenas of Politics, Arts, Food/Health, and Personal Transformation (with over 400 episodes). 
The program in politics (ANationDeceived.org) was at the forefront of this endeavor - with approx. 140 episodes over a 1+ year period. This program was created in collaboration with it's owner (our client) - Craig Barnes (author, retired trial lawyer, regular speaker, etc.).

Program guests ranged from state to federal legislators and officials, activists, and authors (e.g., US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, WA State Senator Eric Oemig, NM State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, author Mark C Miller, author/activist David Swanson, amongst others).  

Please click PodVenturesMedia (PVM) to see the past profile.

 Our "rules of engagement" ...

At OuiCast, we expect and encourage participants with differing viewpoints so we can engage in a healthy, spirited, and engaging (hopefully) conversation. All participants may not always agree on every aspect, topic but, while at OuiCast, we will all agree to be respectful, civil, and to provide content that is based on facts vs. media hype/fiction.

New media on the web ...

Allows almost anyone to offer a "TV/Radio-like station" which is an incredible opportunity to "join in" with the on going human "discourse or conversation" and this is our "joining in." 

It is a sad fact that the "main-stream" media remains biased and provides only a limited view-point that is not always fact-based. Main-stream Media interests are often driven by partisan-politics and/or ratings/viewerships. As a result, the "fact based, unbiased and truthful information" is not easily available.

Our intention is to use the New Media technology to simply broaden what is available on the "media waves," i.e., we are a reservoir that adds to the fact based, unbiased and truthful information and we also provide an "instrument" that helps promote such exchanges.