PVM Portfolio

 Note: The New Media Guys (TNMG) website is under renovation. Meantime, this page provides all pertinent background about TNMG including PodVenturesMedia (PVM) Portfolio.

TNMG is a new media firm offering:

  • Professional web services in podcast design, development, production, marketing, and monetization (client content channels)

  • TNMG authored/curated content channel(s)


TNMG and PVM were founded in June 2007. TNMG is the umbrella organization and PVM, a branch of TNMG, exclusively focused on the professional web services segment of the business. Expected to add TNMG channels (self authored & curated guest content) as TNMG subsidiaries separate from PVM.

PVM helped create and sustain the design, development, and production of programs, for multiple clients, in a variety of topics including Socio Political Issues, The Arts, Personal Transformation, and Health & Nutrition (over 400 episodes). Also developed websites, provided Google Apps installation and offered system admin services.

PVM ceased as a business entity in Jul ‘09 but the new media service offerings have continued through TNMG itself.

TNMG’s own experimental content channel, OuiCast, was launched in Aug ‘09: a podcasting hub offering multiple web-channels on Poetry, Consciousness, and Politics. OuiCast was retired in Sep ‘11.

TNMG Portfolio

New Media Services (Client Content)

TNMG Content Channel

  • OuiCast

  • Currently in concept stage of a new channel re spirituality/consciousness


PVM Portfolio (PVM/TNMG is no longer involved in any of these):

Active Blogs

Farm To Table

Mark Winne – Closing the Food Gap

Santa Fe Food Policy Council

Inactive Past Shows and Blogs

A Nation Deceived podcast

Kitchen Sync podcast

Creativity for Peace podcast

In Search of the Lost Feminine podcast

Inside Paul Horn podcast

Spheres Circles (blog)


Google Apps for Coca Cola of Santa Fe (migrate Outlook to Gmail)

System Admin for Coca Cola of Santa Fe (until Jun ‘09)